The domain name is shutting down. Please use instead.

What happened?

Effective January 29th, 2023, the domain name stops functioning as a shortened version of and no longer represents Enderman's website. It was a painful decision, though not a decision of mine.

What led to that decision?

Swiss domains (.ch TLD) have been notoriously difficult to manage, that includes transferring them to a different domain registrar. After February 24th, 2022 the domain registrar I've grown so accustomed to - Namecheap - went malicious against Russian people and ever since then I've been making vain attempts to find a different one that would actually be cheap and reliable. Searching for this long to no avail I've decided to abolish this domain name altogether. There's not a single decent Russian service that allows for Swiss TLDs.

What next?

What's left of that domain is the grace period of about 2 years, after which the domain will stop functioning, what also means you guys will have way more than enough time to get used to the old-new domain name -

Bottom line

This decision is final and irreversible. Please do not suggest me any potential registrars - I thoroughly have checked them all. Besides, with the shortened name gone, the website name will be completely clear to everyone - MalwareWatch, whereas the shortened version confused many - is it Malwat, Malwatch, or, perhaps, Malwarewatch? Please do excuse me for the inconvenience this change causes, though. If you have got time and will for it, please change the description credit from to The change is slow, but it does bring confusion, so I'd also like to clear this up. The decision does not affect the rest of the domains I own.

Sincerely, Enderman @